Our last project, Hydro Hail securities token framework, online in mainnet !

December 16, 2019

A big big thank you!

After hard months of hard work on our part and invaluable collaboration from the Hydro team, the new Hydro Hail securities token framework is online on the Ethereum Mainnet.

What is Hydro Hail?

Simply put, Hail is tokenization on the blockchain. Under the hood, it is a framework of Solidity Smart Contracts which work on top of the Hydro Snowflake protocol. Those smart contracts allow a validated Snowflake address to create standardized Security Tokens that can be issued, bought, sold, validated, transferred, paid as dividends, and destroyed.

Our Client’s words

“ We selected Ethernity.live for the designation of building this as their track record of industry work showed they were up for the task. We quickly put an engineering team together on the Ethernity and Project Hydro side to see this through. “


As with many more advanced or complex smart contracts, there usually are a few contracts working together as a whole to do the heavy lifting. As you can see below, we sketched out a collection of smart contracts to do just that. It is a bit truncated, but you can get the picture.

Hydro’s own article

Official Announcement: Hydro Hail Smart Tokenization Protocol goes to Mainnet