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About Ethernity

Our company was established in 2013 by ex-Fortune 500 consultants in Uruguay, and have over the years worked for clients in Australia, Canada, the European Union, the UK, and the USA.
We started creating software for Bitcoin start-ups in 2013, and since then, we have developed two Bitcoin exchanges and educated more than 1000 people on cryptocurrencies.
We are both tech-savvy and focused on business outcomes. We help you capitalize on current and future waves of finance technology, including Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. We can turn Blockchain into a friendly and useful tool for you.

Some of our work

Hydro Security Tokens Framework

An Ethereum based platform for issuing Shares, Mutual Fund units, and Bonds

Ethereum Tokens

Tokens, Issuers, Swappers for multiple clients. Tokens include GXE, GXVC, AUM, JEIG, ITK

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

Book published by Packt Publishing, London

Mobile wallet

Personal finance application allowing users to manage Ethereum and ERC20 tokens

Ethereum Applications

Financial Oracle, Universal Storage System

Decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges based on Ethereum blockchain for BiJust, London Exchange, Genevieve

Document certification

In the course of your business, do you need to be sure that some documents, once created, do not change? What would the consequences be if they are modified by third parties, either by mistake or because of dubious intentions? We can help you certify documents on the blockchain.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Control Application

In a hurry to connect your new electric charger units? Use our ready-to-deploy app built with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and simplify your deployment and management of new charger units.

Centralized exchange

One of our first works, we leveraged our experience with large enterprise applications to build a highly scalable platform.
Works with Bitcoin and any altcoin.

Supply chain traceability

Do you need to record and prove the steps in your supply chain? We can help you implement traceability and prove transparency by means of a blockchain solution.

Our Services

Blockchain Development Services

We can help you specify your project, design an application suitable for your users, and build a high-quality application.
Our team has more than 6 years of experience working with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, IPFS, IOTA.
We can work with any Blockchain requested.

dApp Development

Our dApps combine a beautiful front-end with a robust, highly secure and scalable back-end.

Smart Contracts Development

Our experts can design, build, deploy and mantain your next Smart Contract taking into account the specific needs of your business.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We can build your new token, with an Issuer, Swapper, a Decentralized Exchange and a mobile wallet.
We can also help you to launch an online marketing campaign.

General development services

Application Development

Want to build a new application? A new set of web services?
We can build it for you. We use the latest technology stack with an agile mindset.
We provide service in languages including but not limited to CoBOL, RPG, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Rust and p4.

Web Development

A new website is a great way to enhance your business.
We can build it for you!
We use React.js, Node.js, Django, WordPress and Shopify.

System Administration

We can manage your systems and set up IaC (Infraestructure as Code) on your organization.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We can help you implement a CI/CD workflow. This will help your team make faster and better releases and have fewer bugs.
Our toolset includes Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker.

AI/ML Development Service

With our AI & Machine Learning Consulting, you can organize your data jungle, extract insights, and build predictive and intelligent systems to enable improvements in your business.


TensorFlow is an open-source software library commonly used for Machine Learning applications. Feeding from large sets of data, it allows users to perform various sets of tasks including prediction of behavior, image and video processing, face recognition, self-driving capabilities for vehicles, language analysis and others.

Technical writing

Create or update your project documentation.
Our experts will provide you with excellent, practical and easy-to-follow documentation both for technical and end users.

Team augmentation

Our experts can help you tackle your projects.
Whether it is big or small, simple or complex, one person or a whole team, short term or long term.
We will provide the right qualified consultant for your project.

Core Team

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado
Fatima is very dedicated to her work. 
Versatile, diligent and methodical. 
Has worked in Fortune 500 companies and also started a few companies of her own. 
She’s well-cultured and loves music.
Giannella Papini

Giannella is the serious person in the organization, taking care of our finances. and shouting “order! order!” whenever it is needed.

Fiona Castiglione

Fiona is a very valuable member of the team. She’s very trustworthy and has people abilities.
Loves tendering her garden and learning new songs.

Juan Livingston
Affectionately known as Leonidas, he’s our tech hero.
Very hard-working and knowledgeable, he’s always striving to do the best possible job. 
He loves taking pictures of nature and being with his family. 
Marco Castiglione Maldonado

Python Developer and DevOps fascinated with Computer Security, containers and distributed systems.
He’s always learning new things. 
Always eager to give a hand to the one who needs it.
Loves magic.

Loren Petrich

Astronomer and Cryptographer.
Fascinated with eclipses.

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