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Take your business to the future. Leave complexity to us. Since 2013. The world is changing fast. Big companies fail (remember Radio Shack and Blockbusters?) and new ones sprout out of the blue.
What will you do about yours?
We can help you build an up-to-date, future-proof business.
We can make your technological dreams a reality, using technologies that are new enough, but also field-tested.
Our dedicated team of technical specialists provides us with solid experience and operational agility at the same time. We are both technically savvy and oriented towards business outcomes which is how we keep your priorities as our main focus. Our experts can turn the blockchain into a friendly and useful tool for you.

Our Story

In March 2013, I read the word "Bitcoin" for the first time. After doing some research, the idea of distributed networks formed in my mind. Having survived a dictatorship, I know what power abuse means, and jumped into it head first. Started building blockchain software and formed the core of our team with Marco and Juan. We had a crisis when our first big client went out of business. We persisted.

Our next important experience was running a brokerage for a client, for two years. Fiona joined team. This brokerage gave us first-hand knowledge about why people want to use cryptocurrencies. Invaluable. Then market changed and the brokerage was not good anymore. We persisted

New clients came, and then new people: Jaime, Yoscar, María.
We can say honestly say that we can handle complexity. We have created a DEX (distributed exchange) an Ethereum oracle and a cryptocurrency wallet. But our main pride is that we are a strong, resilient team: we have been together for five years, and we have surpassed very difficult times together.

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We are a a team of 5 developers with knowledge and experience in Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Cardano, Fantom, IOTA, Tron, NEM, QTUM, Waves and QuarkChain and 0x platforms.
Results: Our Clients have run ICOs on our software, are running DEXs, and have been able to focus their resources on other issues while we do the development work.

Ethereum development

We provide tailored Ethereum development services, ranging from simple smart contracts to full-stack dApps. Our portfolio includes ICOs, wallets, exchanges. Our full-cycle development experience includes ICO strategy, ICO creation, ICO management and dApps development. We deliver POCs (Proof of Concept) and full-fledged dApps.

web development and Back-end programming

We also offer other programming services, including back-end programming and full-stack web development.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Altcoin

We started working with Bitcoin on 2013 and since then we have developed and operated a Bitcoin exchange, advised more than 1000 people on using and operating with cryptocurrencies. We also developed a Bitcoin mixer.

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Our Ethernity Book

With the help of Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum, you will learn how create distributed blockchain applications that do not depend on a central server or datacenter. The course begins by explaining what a blockchain is, Bitcoin, Altcoins and Ethereum. It then tooks you through distributed programming using the Solidity language on the Ethereum blockchain and platform.

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Ethernity Ethereum Consulting & Development are focused on Ethereum, Solidity and Blockchain technologies, plus the necessary technologies to deliver full stack dApps. We also provide back-end programming services in Python and Node js.

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